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Deonte Mason coach at Greenlight Personal Training Ashburn

Deonte Mason

Studio Co-Owner

Deonte joined the Greenlight personal training team after starting his own personal training business with his Partner Laken. Deonte recognized that he shared similar values with Greenlight and saw an opportunity to have an bigger impact on his community through health and fitness. Since beginning his coaching career over 10 years ago his passion has been seeing his clients making changes and overcoming obstacles.

He realizes that the joy of coaching is in the process of change that each client experiences. And with Greenlight he can continue to pursue that dream and have a greater impact on his community.

Laken coach at Greenlight Personal Training Ashburn

Laken Summerville

Studio Co-Owner

Laken began coaching small group fitness in 2012, followed by nutrition coaching and personal training in the years to follow. In 2020, like many others, she came to the realization that impacting others and seeking internal fulfillment were way more valuable to her than the security of a conventional job. So after 8 years of being passionate about her “side hustle”, she left her corporate career in property management to make coaching her primary focus.

Laken partnered with Deonte to open a personal training studio with a lifestyle coaching model where the focus was not only on training and nutrition, but also on daily habits outside of the gym. In 2022, they joined the Greenlight movement with the intent to re-define the fitness industry and lead to permanent transformations that develop from the inside out.

Through her continued education and experience, Laken has a firm belief in the power of a personalized nutrition strategy, intentional mindset work, and the benefit of a coach who has your back. She finds joy in helping people push past their comfort zone and overcome the burden of their doubts. As a busy entrepreneur, Laken understands the struggle of prioritizing a healthy lifestyle with a hectic schedule. She specializes in disrupting diet beliefs, overcoming uncertainty, and building consistent routines.

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